Ad Blocker Statistics

Check how many of your site's visitors use ad blocker

More and more people are using ad blockers and thus hurting the sites income from ads. Our service provides easy and efficient way to check what are the numbers for your site and if it is too high - use our other service AdsPrevail to show unblockable ads (coming soon).

Free plan for small sites*

We recognize that small site don't have big income so we provide a free plan.

* Under 50 000 page views per month

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Wordpress plugin

For Wordpress sites installation is very simple.

3 easy steps to start:

  1. Register
  2. Install the plugin
  3. See the stats

Pro plans

Based on page views (PV) per month:

  • PRO S $5 / month, up to 100k PV
  • PRO M $10 / month, up to 400k PV
  • PRO L $20 / month, up to 1000k PV
  • PRO XL $40 / month, up to 2000k PV
You have more page views? Contact us for a custom offer.

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